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Music Science Group

Musical Instruments

‘n’ Kid’s Hands

We empower the youth with musical abilities that can lead to a  career while also equipping them with coping skills and knowledge on how to build a community.

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Giving youth a healthy career choice and a vital voice to build thriving communities

Students develop technical music-making skills, healthy coping behaviors, and social-emotional competency to secure music careers and stable lives.

STEM program

Learn To PLay A SOng

Build a guitar

build a drum machine


creative development

About us

Our Process

We believe exposure to music can be the missing link between a young person remaining introverted or becoming a leader.


Custom Music Kiosks

Our services

What We Offer

Students develop technical music-making skills, healthy coping behaviors, and social-emotional competency to secure music careers and stable lives.

Core Curriculum 

This is perfect for schools and a class room setting. We will teach kids how to build instruments from scratch, teach them how to play a song, and give them mentorship along the way.


We provide workshops and different programs to fit every occasion. If interested to learn more please send us a message.


Our mobile kiosks are perfect for community events, churches, and other outreach programs. Kids can learn to make an entire song right on the spot.

We believe in a

Hands-On Approach

Some of what you will get from our workshops

Learning how to read

Learn how to make guitars and drum machines from scratch

Receive guidance and positive affirmation along the way.

Learn how to play and song

Build an instrument that you get to keep

Learn how to work together as a team


Our Organization

Musical Instruments ‘N Kids’ Hands is a California-based nonprofit corporation that aims to establish a creative learning environment through music, where underserved youth are encouraged to express themselves and connect with others. Musical Instruments ‘N Kids’ Hands was created to be a source for underserved youth to gain a passion for music, live every day with passion, laugh, enjoy life, and obtain optimal wellness. Despite the clear benefits of music programs for underserved youth, these programs are often one of the first things to be cut when budgets are tight. In California, only 1 in 5 public schools have music programs . Still, ninety percent of those public schools in black and brown communities DO NOT have music programs. Musical Instruments ‘N Kids’ Hands provides underserved youth – preschool through high school – with music instruction aimed to develop discipline and perseverance as they work to learn how to build instruments, play an instrument, and/or master a new song.

First Music Education Provider

First and only music education provider for the Sacramento Gang Prevention Grant award

Over 3,000 Youth

Over 3,000 youth have benefited from the music program

15 years of service

15 years of serving the Sacramento community.

Gang Prevention

In 2016 MINKH receives City of Sacramento grants to help prevent gang interest.

Sponsored by Brother Be Well


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